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Smash your enemies!

Super Smash Flash 2 is a fast-paced combat game where you will get to meet your favorite Super Mario characters in a battle arena! There are a lot of fighters to choose from, different worlds you can fight in, and various game modes to try. Super Smash Flash 2 is very entertaining and action-packed. It will surely be loved by fans of cartoon characters and anime.

Choose your fighter

The game is actually based on the famous player-versus-player game Super Smash Bros Melee so you can expect that the characters are not limited to just those in the Super Mario World. Alongside Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach, you will also get to fight using cute Pokémon and anime characters like Pikachu and Goku! We can guarantee you that with the many playable characters available in the game it will take you some time before you are able to try each and every one of them, but you will surely experience fighting all of the characters in the arena. In the long run, you might even develop a favorite character, especially after you have mastered their special moves. There is a lot to choose from and the game is like a massive crossover between many different worlds!

Explore worlds

Just as there are many game characters you can use, there is also a pretty wide selection of worlds or arena that you can fight in. You might think that they are just in the game to provide a creative background and help set the mood but the truth is that the areas also come with their own obstacle course. The worlds are designed with platforms, floating blocks, moving crates, and a lot more. You will not be playing in a simple, flat surface. This means that aside from the enemy, players will also have to be mindful of their surroundings. One wrong step and you will fall off a cliff and die. While it makes fighting and moving around a little more difficult than usual, these obstacles actually make each round more challenging and entertaining. 

A great combat game

Super Smash Flash 2 has 2D graphics that will remind you of old arcade games but it does not make it any less enjoyable. The movements are smooth and they respond accordingly to the controls that give players seamless gaming experience. It also comes with an upbeat soundtrack to hype you up for the fight! 


  • Lots of game characters to choose from
  • Lots of worlds to choose from
  • Fight with 3 other characters
  • Powerful combo attacks


  • No tutorial
  • Only 3 game modes available
  • Old school graphics
  • Sometimes lags

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User reviews about Super Smash Flash 2

  • atiedebee

    by atiedebee

    Its so well made!!! Feels like real smash but in 8bit-like style


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